Stuart Morgan – Melincyrddan Community Conference- Volunteer Co-ordinator
Who are you/your organisation?
I am Stuart Morgan and I am employed by Melincryddan Community Conference (MCC) as the volunteer coordinator for the ‘Get NPT On-Line’ Project which links closely with job clubs in Neath and the surrounding areas. MCC is a voluntary sector organisation set up to help regenerate the area.
Our mission statement is:
“Your vision’s only horizon is the one you give it, so remember a vision without action is just a dream; and an action without vision just passes time; but your vision with your action can change the world”
Who do you work with?
MCC work closely with the Neath Port Talbot Library Service, Communities First, and Communities for Work and local organisations such as Neath YMCA and Briton Ferry Resource Centre to deliver digital inclusion drop-in sessions and teach online job seeking skills in Job Clubs.
The project uniquely links volunteering to employability and employment in a number of ways.
Jobseekers have the opportunity to become a volunteer on the ‘Get NPT On-Line’ project and/or in Job Clubs run by us or our partners. Young volunteers have been able to obtain Millennium Awards which is also recognised by potential employers. We also provide work placements in partnership with the Shaw Trust and Job Centre Plus.
Clients using job clubs have benefited from the extra resource volunteers can provide, especially in relation to using IT and helping digital inclusion; e.g. on-line job searching and preparing electronic CVs.
What websites/resources do job seekers find most useful?
We find that “indeed.co.uk” is the best site for job searching, however we also use the Universal Job Match site, as this is a prerequisite of the Job Centre for their customers to utilise. Job seekers will also search the web-sites of Employment agencies, Local Authorities and businesses as their vacancies are not always shared on other sites.
What’s your top tip/s for digital champions working with job seekers?
1.    Be teachable, learn your role and attend training.
2.    Work together as a team.
3.    Understand your responsibility in and for the wider partnership.
4.    Signpost to partner organisations as needed.
5.    Understand why communication is essential.
6.    Be patient & approachable.
7.    Avoid jargon.
8.    Listen and show empathy.
9.    Ask for help from other volunteers/mentors/partners as required.
A statement from one of our volunteers:
“I got into volunteering because I had some spare time and I knew I had IT skills that could benefit others which is how I got involved with ‘Tech Taster’ and ‘Job Club’ events in Neath Port Talbot. During Get Online Week, I’d encourage anyone with digital skills to put them to good use and share them with a friend or neighbour. By doing so, you can offer them a new lease of life.”