Melin Christmas Lights

The Project


Melin Community Trust has organised and sponsored Melin Christmas Lights since 2005. At that time, the NPTCBC organised lights up to Stockham’s Corner roundabount and Briton Ferry Town Council ensured the area from the Grandison to the end of Neath Road was decorated with Christmas lights – the area in between was characterised by darkness.


But, with thanks to a Communities Trust Fund grant, MCT was able to purchase the first lights and Christmas Tree for the Melin – a project we have supported ever since! 


This was made possible mainly by the funds raised by our May Day events and topped up with charity funds and the unrelenting support of local businesses. At this point, we would like to especially thank two of our most prolific supporters; Hickary’s and Shillingford’s! 


In 2017, members of the May Day Committee and four local businesses purchased new LED lights. MCT paid NPTCBC for the storage, maintenance, installation, and removal of the lights. We can also proudly announce that MCT was central to the lighting up event held at Melin Primary School!


The Lights 



The project has allowed us to accumulate 25 wraparounds and 7 LED frames.



This allows us to light up 32 of the 59 lampposts in the Melin.


Switch On Event 2019


Last year our Christmas characters, Santa (Mark Taylor) and Bob Cratchit (Mark Davies), made their way from Melin Advice Centre around the Melin spreading Christmas cheer. 


This was made possible by assistance from the local fire service, who towed the Santa and Bob Cratchit to their final destination – Melin Primary School.




When the sleigh journey is complete and Santa has arrived at Melin Primary School, the community is ready for the switch on to take place.


All the children in attendance were given a present from Santa – a selection box to enjoy in their newly lit and festive community!



The Future of Melin Christmas Lights


In 2018, the situation changed and the Council would no longer be involved with the Christmas lights as they had been up to this point.


The need to hire a private contractor increased the price of the project dramatically. The funds that traditionally covered the event were no longer enough.


So, MCT will continue to look for event ideas and donations to ensure the Melin remains brightened by Christmas lights during the festive period.