Melin Christmas Lights

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The project

The Melincryddan Community Conference has organised and sponsored the Melin Christmas Lights since 2005. At that time the NPTCBC organised the Neath lights to Stockham’s Corner roundabout, and Briton Ferry Town Council from the Grandison to the end of Neath Road with darkness in-between.

Thanks to a Communities Trust Fund grant we purchased the first lights and Christmas tree and have supported them ever since mostly thanks to funds raised by the May Day event and topped up by our own charity funds and specific donations from local businesses including our most prolific supporters; Hikary’s and Shillingford’s.

In 2017, members of the May Day committee and four local businesses purchased new LED lights. MCC paid NPTCBC for the storage, maintenance, installation and removal of the lights. We organised and paid for the lighting up event latterly held at Melin Primary School on School Road.

The lights

We now have 25 wrap rounds and 7 led frames which enables us to light up 32 out of 59 lampposts, The situation changed in 2018 in so much as the Council will no longer be erecting the lights for us, so we therefore had to employ a private contractor. The initial quotes that we had received indicated that the cost of erecting and taking down the lights would more than double. The receipts from the May Day event and the donation from MCC will not cover the costs plus the associated maintenance. Therefore we are still appreciating event ideas and donations, to ensure continuity for our community and our Christmas lights.

Please help the lights continue

We hope to raise this with help from local businesses and residents who wish to keep lighting up the Melin at Christmas.

If you have any fundraising ideas please contact us via the form below, or by calling the Melin Community Trust on 01639 683259, we would love to hear from you!

Alternatively, if you would like to donate please do so through our Just Giving Page

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