Room Hire

Rooms Available For Hire


 We are currently hiring 2 rooms at the Melin Advice Centre and 1 IT suite at the Melin Technology Centre.


The rooms are priced at half day and full day, however an hourly rate can be negotiated if needed. Half day up to 3 hours, full day up to 7 hours. See prices below.


WiFi connection is available at all rooms.


Room                                          Half Day                Full Day
Interview Room                            £20                        £40

The interview room consists of a table and 4 chairs suitable for working with 1 or 2 clients. The room has internet access via WiFi, and printing via WiFi.

Board Room                                  £22                        £42

The board room holds 12 seats by default. There are also spare tables; including several chairs to accommodate any extras. The room also features network cables, projector and printing via WiFi

Melin Technology Centre              £25                         £50

The MTC is a fitted IT suite that features 12 desktop workstations, smart whiteboard + projector, headsets for each workstation, printer and WiFi. Also has kitchen that can be filled refreshments on the day.


For more information and to book please call 01639 683259 or complete the complete the contact from below

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